Questions to think about:

  1. Have you ever faced a situation in which you to "back away" because of your faith?

  2. How does being "chosen" or being an "elect" believer make you feel?  Does it bring you comfort and hope?

  3. Have you ever felt like an "exile" living in your comfortable home in your comfortable neighborhood?


     1 Peter 1:1,2

  1. to go, but you prayed first, then stepped out in faith trusting God?  How did God respond? How did you feel as you witnessed God’s presence in your life?

  2. Have there been n you felt outnumbered and overwhelmed?  Even though you may have been afraid, did you continue doing what you were asked to do?  Did you sense God’s provision and protection?

  3. When you hear about the blessing for the Food 4 Kids program, is there anything you can do to be involved?