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Sunday, September 29th 
4935 East Willock Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Our hope is to be winsome, and to befriend and serve all people. His grace is beyond anything we could dream or imagine. Our rhythm is to gather together to worship and scatter to serve. And in a world where the weight is often heavy, we want to lift people, speak life, stand for justice, add value and celebrate the goodness of our God in the best of times and when the road is steep.

Sunday, October 6th - 10:30am
4935 East Willock Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Worship provides a time to re-center our lives and reset our spiritual compass on the ways of Jesus Christ. Our worship services are joyful and Christ-centered. We would love for you to join us for worship as a way to deepen your faith and understanding of God.


Sunday Worship Service
Join us on Sunday mornings for worship at 10:30 a.m.
Worship is the heartbeat of Whitehall Presbyterian Church, the most important hour of the week. In worship, we offer praise, receive forgiveness, listen to God's Word, pray for the needs of the world, and offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God.
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4935 East Willock Road Pittsburgh, PA 15227
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